Brand: Auntie Oti

Hand-woven natural Khadi cotton waffle towel with fringed ends. Each piece can delight in its own way and are often multi-purpose in their functions.

Dimensions: Approximately 24”X 54” (61cm X 137cm)

100% Cotton Khadi
Made in India.

*Khadi: fabric woven by hand from hand-spun yarn

FABRIC CARE: A gentle soap and hanging to dry in the shade for best results.

Khadi is an Indian weaving technique that has passed down for centuries and is a hand-woven fabric made from hand-woven yarn. The production of the Khadi was stemmed from the encouragement of Gandhi who advocated rural self-reliance in the 1920s. At this time, Indian declared economic independence from Britain by making their own clothes. Today, this weaving technique has been built on a community basis, denying mass production but support slow production. Their style is practical, modest, versatile and pursuing diversity. Auntie Oti finds beauty and the spirit from this way of life, focusing on finding products with individuality.

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